Retrospective on Green Arrow/Black Canary #6 to #14

While the first 5 issues of Green Arrow/Black canary where not directly bad, they where not what most people where expecting. We went from fake death to fake death to fake death (Literally), and it ended with rehashing elements from Kevin Smiths “The Sound of Violence” specifically  Connor Hawke getting shoot and having an entire issue set in a hospital.  Despite its flaws it did have some sweet moments, Oliver regretting not being there for Connor as a child, all the major players showing up to support Connor and so on. OK so they did rewrite Connors origin from a kid that accidentally got into 2 fights as a kid to one that was a trouble maker, but over all Kinda sweet.

However! the next Arc in where Oliver, Dinah and Mia go looking for the kidnapped and comatosed Connor, now that was a story that was pure sh**. I won’t go into details but i will tell you this, Any story that end up with one character aged by 10 years (Robert Queen), one  “depowerd” and given new powers (Connor Hawke), one turned from a stoic Anti-hero into a bawling bitch who would rather kill the man she loves then ask him for help (Shado) and lastly one ends up falling in love with a man that is by all accounts the spiting image of the man who abused her and made her turn tricks (Mia Dearden/Speedy), Now this can’t be good now can it..


The reason for giving Connor his new powers (healing factor) and removing his archery skills is a huge mystery for me and judging by the forums.. everyone. Why have his powers come from splicing his DNA with Plastic Mans DNA? why not just say it was from the Dragons Blood? after all this art did in fact made that miniseries canon.

The reason for ageing  Robert by about 10 years and (possibly) giving him powers is  a huge mystery for me and judging by the forums.. everyone.

The reason for Shado going to Sivana, someone she would never have associated with or even known hot to contact, and not to the father of her child, a man with access to the best medical facilities and doctors in the world  is a huge mystery for me and judging by the forums.. everyone.

The reason behind Sivana wanting Oliver dead  is a huge mystery for me and judging by the forums.. everyone. (Deathstroke never gets anyone to do his killings for him, he does it himself, that’s what he does, he is Deathstroke The Terminator after all.)

The Reason behind Shados emontional outburst is, well normal for just about anyone. But NOT HER!

Just how the amateur Assassins managed to infiltrate, Kill nurses and Kidnap Connor from a house that was at the time being guarded by both superman and Batman, is one Gigantic mystery to me  

And the reasoning behind having Mia fall in love with Dodger, a man who made it possible for snipers to shoot Connor. A man who by all regards is a spiting image of her ex- boyfriend/pimp is one gigantic mystery to me.


Given the enormous plot holes and changes made to characters it makes me think that Judd Winick was forcibly removed and decided to act out by ruining as much as he could before he left the title. In fact the only characters closely associated with Green arrow and Black canary not permanently damaged in this story was in fact Green Arrow and Black Canary. 

This was a good bye that came with a huge kick in the crotch to Green Arrow fans from around the world. So from all Green arrow fans I have this to say to you Judd Winick, “Yo mama!”


~ by savegaandbc on May 25, 2009.

One Response to “Retrospective on Green Arrow/Black Canary #6 to #14”

  1. Any idea who the female is on the last page of GA 30? And how did she get there?

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