Origins and Omens Review…

First off Read the Green Arrow/Black Canary Origins and Omens Backup here

There is nothing directly wrong with the writing here, the dialog seems fine and the Art is fine, the problem only really shows up on the third page. Thats right, New Writer and newcomer to the DCU Andy Kreisberg decided to rewrite Black Canarys origin.  Forget the past 25 years of this Black Canary there is a new boy in town! and he wants to ad more drama! on this page Dinah accidentally unleashes the canary cry on her high school friend “Sam”. Now there are lots of reasons why this is just wrong soo wrong.

But First was it an accident or was this a retcon as to when she first got her powers? Well here is the thing either way its wrong.

A: First use of her powers: If so then throw out all your issues featuring black Canary from the last 25 years, they are now worthless.All the stuff about having her powers since childhood and defeating Wildcat with the Canary Cry (without injuring him) as a child is all gone now, Dinah is not just another “I got my powers at puberty” hero, shes effectually just a run of the mill Meta human, Not to talk down other Metas, Like Thunder and Lightning who both got their powers at about 16.But Dinah was different, since COIE she has had a clear origin.

Young Dinah Drake wanted to become a Cop and got some training from her GCPD Detective father Richard Drake, She did not get to be a cop because she had cooties (It was the 1940’s), Her father dies and young Dinah starts a florist shop and at night  fights crime in fishnets and even joins the JSA. When the “Keene Act” was passed and the JSA was forced to disband Miss Drake married her sweetheart Detective Larry Lance, they settled down and later had a child, Dinah Laurel Lance, Dinah jr was special she was born with a gene that gave her powers, powers that manifested itself in the form of a supersonic “cry” later dubbed the Canary Cry. Dinah Sr did not want her daughter to follow her footsteps, but growing up with a Superhero mother and superhero “uncles” did set her on her way to become on herself, secretly getting traind in the use of her Canary cry and in hand- to-hand combat from a young age, she eventually took on the name Black Canary and the costume that went with it.

B: Accidental use of her powers:  If this is the case, then i would like to congratulate  Andy Kreisberg for officially turning a Intelligent and respected character into a bumbling moron. First off Dinah has control of her powers and has had so since she was a child (See above), Secondly she would never have “screamed” if she didn’t have control of her power.

So what is it? stupidity from the Writer in form of rewriting her origin or Stupidity from the writer in form of making the character a total moron?

I’m not even gonna dignify the next pages with a comment since it relates to the man that Dinah accidentally hit with the Canary Cry in issue #15, the musician that is now deaf. I’m going to pretend it didn’t happen , and thats hard as he shows up again on the Omen page

The Omen page!

Ahh yes.. the Omen page, a page that shows snips of what we can expect to find later in this series this year! Let us first have a look!

click for larger image

click for larger image

I desided to number every scene on this page to make it easier to complain about it

  1. Ollie being forced at gunpoint to kiss “Cupid”: Ok…So Ollie is getting raped at gunpoint this time, I guess that beats getting shoot and then raped like last time, Ohh wait.. No, and why isn’t he just kicking her ass?
  2. Ollie in handcuffs : How original.. because he has never been arrested before.
  3. Speedy bing held hostage by someone with white/gray hair: Why isn’t she just kicking his ass? she went toe to toe  with Robin One month after putting on the costume, and has since then spend a year on an island getting trained by the best, and of course she lives and gets daily training by two of the best in the DCU (Connor and Dianh)
  4. Deaf-Men shooting at Dinah: I’m surprised she dodges the shoot, I half expected her to stand there going “Duuuuur”..
  5. Ollie punching a man with a knife sticking out of his head: Ok this is just… how do you even get a knife into someones skull?
  6. Ollie Aiming at Dinah:  I’m guessing this has something to do with the JL and JLA..

I dont know whats worse, this clichè omen page or the horrors that came before it!

Also if you want a short rundown of Black Canarys origin  Click here!


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  1. ^_^ You’re gonna love my new fiction series, you really, really are. Anyway, its okay he’s new let it go… EVERYONE else knows the Origins of BC. Oh, I think I found a picture you could get a kick out of…

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