Green Arrow/Black Canary #17 Review

So lets start off this Review by noting that the Review of the Origins and Omens backup will have it own post, as its kinda important, not just to the characters but hinted by Dan Dido that its important for the whole DCU this year.

Now onto the issue!



It Actually start off kinda ok-ish with a walk and talk between two cops, One of the cops was introduced last issue as the classic “I’m new to town and I don’t trust the local Superhero that has protected the City and become an icon for its citizens for the last decade or two” character, Its Extremely Cliche, but thats Andrew Kreisberg in a nutshell. As the Two cops do their walk and talk a moving truck is very clearly shown driving past and into a parking garage, its almost too obvious that the truck is important somehow, the cops continue their walk and talk and eventually wind up at Merlins’s cell that has a nice view of the parking garage. Suddenly at the truck smashes out of the parking garage flying over the street and into the police station, Not badly done actually just waaay to obvious.
Green Arrow spots the Smoke from a few blocks away, prissoners breake out of their cell at the station but are stopped by Green arrow and Black Canary, who suddenly appear, so either the Prisoners took a very long time to get out of their cells after the truck smashed a hole or they can teleport, Ohh and Black Canary used her Canary Cry again.. Twice it seems like, to stop prisoners running towards her in a non threatening way, Thats right.
Merlyn is helped out of the rubble by the mystery woman from the last issue, this time sporting some fishnet on her arm, While this is happening a few cops are trapped by flames but have no fear! Green Arrow is here! using one of his freeze arrows to put out the flames.
All of a sudden Green Arrow is smashed by a desk flying across the room! it was thrown by the Random big thug from issue #15, he is out and is ready for round two with black canary, who jumps away and tries to get up a big hole in the roof. But “Dregz” catches her leg and she is trying to hold on while he is dragging her back, She reaches out for a shotgun thats on the floor of the room above, kicks loose from the walking cliche and shoots the truck suspended above her loose which falls down onto “Dregz”. .
This scene raises two questions, One: Why was there a huge hole in the concrete floor below where the truck smashed into? it was not a lot of debris there soo…? not quite understanding how concrete buildings work? I know.. kinda lame thing to nitpick over..
gabc172But how about number two: Why the hell would Black Canary Use a shotgun to shoot loose the truck? She was already free of his grip when she fired the shoot, and she has a natural weapon that would do the job, in fact it would have been far more realistic that the Canary Cry could have done the job then a shoot from a shotgun.
Moving on we see Green Arrow, Black Canary and Lieutenant Hilton (The new in town cop) looking at the remarkably undamaged truck and noticing that the gasspedal is rigged, This was no accident! and Merlyn is Gone!
Next we see the Mysterious woman getting a haircut, after the hairdresser is done she takes a picture because she was pleased with her job but the lady then killers her because she didn’t want anyone else to get the same haircut or something. Its was kinda awesome I have to say and somewhat scary , but I also have to admit that I kinda read to much into it , I suddenly imagined the Hairdresser to be Gail Simone and the Mysterious lady to be Kreisberg and that he was symbolically killing Gail who made Black Canary AWESOME, to prevent her from ever fixing Black Canary again. I know.. I scare myself sometimes.

Later we see Black Canary screaming Green arrows name in front of a random prisoner, when Green arrow comments on this she just blows it away, because if there is one thing we know, Its that the Leader of the JLA is the dumbest person in the JLA.
Green arrow is mad because Merlyn got away, and sets off to find him again. Then we get a short scene with the Mysterious lady holding Merlyn prisoner and learn a bit about her plan, she plans to deliver Green arrows enemies to him for Valentines day. On the wall behind her we see lots of pictures of Green arrow and a big one of Black Canary with her eyes crossed out and the words “Die Tramp Die” written on it, and again I can’t help but think of that woman as Kreisberg .. gabc173

After this we get the Origins and Omens backup story, buts its So bad it deserves its own post with a detailed rundown of the Omen page.


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