Review of Green Arrow/Black Canary #16

Let jump right into this less shity bag of crap, I say less shity because this comic is ok for about the first half of the issue, infact it has some things that must be adressed  because they are done correctly!

Lets start with Ollie and Dinah in bed early on in the issue, they are playing scrabble and having a jolly good time. Whats special here is that Ollie does NOT make a sexual refrance with his word in the game, only a snakry comment about Batman. This is one of the very few times in the last …. 6 years that i can sey that we see the good old side of Ollie. Good work!


Later in the issue We see Ollie destroying evidence (One of Merlyns Arrows, that he used to kil a man) and we get Black Canary, using her canary Cry when she does not need to, and geting taken out by MERLYN!, Fine he is a high ranking  “Leauge of Assasins” member, but he is still kinda a joke. and as usuall its up to Ollie to save Dinah ! And why was it so “Dramatic” when she called Oracle?  I just dont get why DC wants to breake up Black canary and Oracle, Are they seriusly trying to undermind all that Dixon and Simone have done over the years? they ahev allrewady ruind Black canary by ignoring everything they did, like her massiv training to be one of the top fighters at DC and the fact that she tends to only use the Canary Cry when she absolutly needs to, just how many times did she use the cry during Simones run on BOP? Three times? maybe four? tops! and is she really needed to use it she woulkd have never missed a target like merlyn who was standing still no more then 10 feet away. and seriusly, after all those years of dating and living with Ollie, you would imagine that she would have traind a lot on dodging multiple arrows bings shoot at her. Now i wont say she is fully on the same level as Connor Hawke, but if he can be shoot at by 50 Ninjas and not just dodge them but grab the arrow in flight and throw them back, it makes you wonder why the hell Dinah cant just.. dodge  4 arrows. and she would have never let her guard down even with an arrow thrugh her arm!

No Pictures this time, but I promise iIwill have PLENTY! for the next issue, now that issue is filled to the brink with Horrible HORRIBLE stuff..

One hint: Retconning Black canarys origin!


~ by savegaandbc on February 28, 2009.

One Response to “Review of Green Arrow/Black Canary #16”

  1. Seriously. Did Kreisberg not even read her frigging miniseries? She can EASILY whoop Merlyn’s ass. Incase you don’t know, he shot multiple arrows at her, she grabbed one and used it to block the others, then kicked the living shit out of him.

    The best part was when he grabbed a bag of Ollie’s arrows and said “IMMA USE THE NUKE ARROW ON YOU, BITCH!” and Dinah went “That’s the GEIGER COUNTER ARROW, JACKASS!”

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