Review of Green Arrow/Black Canary #15

There are certain rules to follow when you do your first issue of a series that has been going for a while, and to list them all, I made a list.

  1. You do not show the characters to be weak
  2. You do not show the characters to be stupid
  3. You do not ditch the supporting cast
  4. You do not show the characters to be Criminally negligent (unless they are supposed to be)
  5. You do not focus all the attention on one character if it is a series about a duo

All these things and more new Green arrow/Black Canary writer Andrew Kreisberg got wrong,Not only does he show Black Canary as a victim of a random thug on the first page.. no first panel! but he continues to show primarily Black Canary as a useless  damsel in distress. But first lets go back to the random no name thug.

gabc-14-1Black Canary, Trained with the likes of Wildcat during her childhood and teenage years.. Expert in Judo (And boxing) with a powerful sonic scream, who spent a long time being trained by Lady Shiva, the greatest martial artist in the world………. Ok?  Well Mr.Kreisberg believes this lady would be taken and held at knife point by this nameless thug, and would have to rely on a distraction (and Weapon) from Green Arrow so she could take him out. The worst part is that the (awesome) art (by Mike Norton) clearly shows that she already has him in a grip that would make it very very easy for her to knock him out.. even if he was a powerful meta.

Anyone with a days worth of training could get out of that grip, but she does not.

And did we really need yet another run down of Green Arrows origin? what is this.. the third time in two years?

But lets get down the the BIG problem with this issue and Black Canary,  The ending. I will not bore you with the minor detailes, so in short.

Dinah uses the canary cry against the nameless thug after a rescue from Green Arrow of course and the last panel reveals this.

gabc-15-2Black Canary Everyone!

The Chick that spent most of her life training to use her Canary Cry for good (JSA training) shows off her to be criminally negligent in the use of her powers..

I wonder why no other writer have sver tried this with her before.   Might it be becaue they do reserch and discover that it would just not work given the level of training she has done to be able to controll and aim her powers? or is it because most other writers have an original idea now and then instead of rehasing the old “Heroes make mistakes and create a new enemy”. Six fucking years of this CRAP is more then enough.. I had high hopes for this new writer, but it seems he might in fact be worse then Judd “Mr Stereotype” Winick


~ by savegaandbc on February 16, 2009.

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